After last years tornado that hit a couple blocks from our house, we’ve  decided that it was time to continue the un-ghetto-ing by getting the trees trimmed.  Scott did cut down huge branch that hung over the driveway the week after the tornado.  The things you do when there is no television and all the neighbors are outside.  But just taking down that branch wasn’t enough. 

After having a tree guy come out and show me all the dead branches and areas that needed to be cleaned up I was surprised with how bad the trees needed to get cleaned up.  I didn’t want a branch to fall on the new roof or the neighbor’s roof.  So a random Friday afternoon I get a call at work and they are on their way out to trim the trees.

I got home Friday after work and was pleasantly surprised with the massive improvement.  I only wished I had before pictures to show the HUGE improvement this made.  But you’ll have to settle for the after shots.


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