This year for Easter Scott and I decided to invite his parents up to our house and we’d cook.  We didn’t do much during the day, minus a last-minute run to Wal-Mart to find cloves for my ham.  Of course they didn’t have so I just got pineapple.  As soon as we got home for Wal-Mart, I started prepping all the food while Scott cut the grass. 

I had the potato casserole, veggies, fruit salad, and ham all ready to go by 1.  Just enough time to quickly clean the house and vacuum and then relax a bit.  I was pleasantly surprised with how good everything tasted.  The ham took a little longer than I had planned but came out great.  I was very happy since it was the first time cooking one. 

While the food cooked we all watched the Cards/Brewers game.  It’s great to have baseball back!  What’s even better is that the Blues start the first round of playoffs this week and there is baseball!  What a great time of the year!


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