Take me out to the ballgame

The 2012 season is upon us and it’s great!  I have missed baseball the last few months.  Although, it’s not as long as other teams, cubs, but it was a long break.  About a month or so ago, I decided that I was going to get us tickets to the second game of the season and get a replica World Series Ring.  I got the tickets and didn’t tell Scott until a coupe weeks before.  The seats weren’t great, but they had a great view on the first baseline.

Go Redbirds!

We got to the game about 30 minutes before it started.  We managed to walk to the top and see a little bit of the ring ceremony and then made it to our seats.  Once at our seats we found out there would be a rain delay.  It was nice that they didn’t know how long we would wait, but we hung out below our seats and then we back to the first floor and walked around.  After a 2 hour rain delay they were ready to play.

Fred Bird getting his WS Ring


Birds taking the field

The game was well worth the wait.  Nothing is better than getting World Series Rings in front of the Cubs.  Mainly because they hasn’t seen that in 103 years!  The Birds decided to have a great game and limited the Cubs to 1 run in a commanding 5-1 win.

New Bling


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