It seems to be that time of year when we get busy again.  This past weekend we were going non-stop it seems.  Friday night we met up with Tom and Kristin and another couple at BlackFinn.  It’s a newly opened restaurant at the Galleria.  The appetizers were great and the atmosphere was a lot of fun.  Afterwards we headed up the street for a rousing night of bowling.

Like always, I started out looking pretty good then the gutter balls came and it was down hill from there.  Of course when we were on a time limit to bowl for fun, I managed to get a spare and then 2 strikes.  I’m not sure where that came from.  It was a pretty fun night.

On Saturday, I was up early to take Elizabeth to her soccer game.  She played pretty good and her team came back to tie the game in the final minutes.  Lots of action to watch during her games.  Afterwards, we dropped Elizabeth off and we stove shopping.  We finally got a new stove, but more on that later.  We hit up Soulard for much-needed groceries and then home for a while to relax before cooking dinner.

While cooking dinner a huge hail storm hit us.  I made a quick run to the Quick Stop to get milk and by the time I got home the hail started coming down.  Scott and I quickly pulled the Grill into the garage while the hail was getting bigger by the second.  Of course the tornado sirens were going off and Reily made her way to the basement.  Scott and I still stared out the window (sounds similar to last year’s actual tornado).  We couldn’t believe the size of the hail nor the sounds it made as it bounced off the roof.  There was a decent amount of damage done around our neighborhood.  A few houses away windshields were blown out.  In apartment complexes the windows were shattered.  It was a very damaging storm.

Sunday was a little more laid back.  I met up with Kristin and Zipf for mani/pedi’s and then met up with the Birch girls for some birthday shopping.  The girls found some great deals plus it was fun to hang out with them and have lunch.  Scott went to Mike’s house to help hang drywall.  Mike’s house is really coming along now and I can see the rooms forming.

Sunday evening we went to Zipf’s for a fun BBQ.  There was a lot of people and even a bags (cornhole) match going on.  It was great night to end a fun weekend.


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