Car Shopping

We’ve been talking about a new car for over a year.  Somehow my little CR-V just keeps chugging away, even though there are numerous things wrong with it.  So after much talk and research (on my part) we finally went shopping.  I was very excited and nervous to just test drive a car.  I hadn’t done that in 12 years so it was a little weird being in cars that are just better than the CR-V.

We first went to the Nissan dealership and test drove the Murano, my car of choice, and the Rogue.  I really felt like the Rogue was just too small for us and we didn’t want to have to turn it in just a few years down the line.  I wanted to compare the Murano to a car similar.

Our Nissan sales guy found someone over at the neighboring Ford dealership to help us test drive the Ford Edge.  After driving it, I was not a fan.  I didn’t like the interior at all.  The seats itched, the Ford Sync looked like a phone dial pad, it just didn’t feel right for me.  So I brought that back to the dealership and then Scott got to test drive the 2013 Ford Mustang.  The crazy people at the dealership let us go out in both cars alone, what were they thinking.  Scott did find driving the Mustang on the side roads but once we got on the highway, he was flying!  There is no “oh shit” handle and my knuckles were white.  But he had fun!

Driving the Mustang


After car driving we went out to dinner for Nicole’s birthday.  Great sushi dinner followed by great people watching at Jive ‘N Wail.

Scott and Mike and our sushi boats


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