I have been looking for a new car for some time, probably over a year. The reliable CR-V was getting close to the end of it’s life and I was ready to not dump any more money into it. So instead of paying for a new sensor, window engine, brakes, and a/c, we decided to buy a new car!

Good bye CR-V

After a weekend of test driving the Nissan Murano, Rogue, and Ford Edge, we found that the Murano was the car for us. It had a bunch of bells and whistles that I really didn’t think I needed. But when we went back to buy the car we found that our price range included some wonderful upgrades.

It hasn’t been a week yet but I’m extremely happy with our purchase. Our sales guy, Mark, came out to the house to pick up the title and give me a walk through of all the bells and whistles that come with the car.

Looks pretty good next to the house I grew up in

I think Murray, the Murano, will be a wonderful addition for years to come.

Just perfect in our garage




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