Summer of Busy

This past weekend started out with the intention of being slow.  That quickly changed after Friday night.

Friday night we headed over to Forest Park to watch Shakespeare in the park.  This year’s play is Othello.

We got there early enough and managed to get a decent spot for our blanket and goodies.  We quickly ate our dinner, salami, cheese, hummas, pita crackers.  It was a great dinner and people watching before the play.  Diana and Chip joined us right before the play started.

The acting was decent.  The actor that played Othello did not break up the lines well in the first act and that kinda ruined it.  But the second act was a little more entertaining.  However, the temperatures dropped to the mid 50s and it was freezing sitting out there.

The good news of the night was that I got to use my seat warmer for the first time.  I never thought that would happen on June 1st.

Saturday morning I got up early and went to Mathew’s t-ball game.  He made some pretty good plays to first base and some solid hits.  I later went to Catherine’s baseball game.  Reily got her hair cut and looks even cuter now.

Once I got home, we decided to try out Bailey’s Range.  A hamburger restaurant downtown.  The food was amazing!  I think the chocolate shakes are as good, if not a little better, than Crown Candy.

Very cool restaurant

We checked out the new stuff at City Garden…



After stuffing ourselves we went to Jenner’s birthday party at her house.  We had some fun hanging out with people we don’t see too often.

On Sunday, we went to the Butterfly House.  I’ve been wanting to go there since I’ve moved back and it was a pretty cool place to check out.  Thankfully with our membership to the Botanical Gardens we just walked in.  There were plenty of butterflies to see and enjoy it.

Sunday night we went back downtown to have BBQ dinner on the roof of one of the loft buildings.  Chip and Diana invited us over for dinner and we were happy to check out the building and get some great food.

All in all it was a pretty good weekend and now back to work.


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