I love fireworks.  This past weekend we had lots of fireworks…I try to see them as many times as possible 4th of July and if I can find some other times of the year I’m extremely happy.  We had fireworks after our wedding and that was the best free extra with the wedding.  So why not try to go to the ball game on fireworks night.

I bought a Groupon for Cardinal tickets a couple of weeks ago and the game was last Friday night.  It was the frist game of inter-league play against Cleveland.  We got to the game early, had some hotdogs and headed to our seats.  They were pretty good for being a Groupon ticket, only problem was that we were in the sun for the first 2 innings.

The game could have been better, 3 errors!  The looked like they were sleeping out there but it is always fun to be at Busch.  There was even a wanna-be streaker making his way on to the field and then arrested.  That gave the Cards a little life but it was short-lived.  They lost and then the real show started.  There was about 20 minutes of fireworks being shot off all around the stadium.  We could lean our heads back and see the ones above us or look across to the 3rd base side and see more.  It was worth staying till the end of the game to see.

Saturday was St. Gabriel’s School Picnic, a holiday in itself.  We arrived around 7 and headed over to find people.  I had my heart set on finding food more than the beer booth.  Scott, Shane, and I walked around until we found some water and then I started to see people I knew.  I ran into to some old close friends from grade school that I hadn’t seen in a few years.  It was nice to catch up with them and their parents.  It’s always amazing as to how many people we all know.  I think this year I saw a few more people than I had in the past.

Towards the end of the picnic, Scott and I decided to leave a little early and try to beat the rush out.  Instead we found a nice spot on the hill to watch the fireworks go off right above us.  It was a great end to the picnic.

I wonder what other fireworks we’ll have this summer?!


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