Busy June

We have had something going on every weekend in June.  I’m impressed with how busy we have been.  Things that we have been up to are:

– A much-needed movie night at a high school friend’s house.  I have had plans for that last few times she has tried to get a movie night going, and I had yet to see her new house.  So I managed to see a movie I’ve been wanting to see (The Vow), catch up with a friend and meet a new one, and see the new house (it’s crazy nice, but so far).

– We took a trip to the Boeing Learning Center.  Scott’s sister works there and gave us a tour of the facilities during the family picnic day.  I was really impressed with the site and loved the tour.

– Celebrated Father’s Day with a BBQ at Scott’s parents house.  Reily was able to go down to their house for the first time and even spend the night.  We had a play to go to after dinner.

– We saw Oliver at Crestwood pool.  The Birch girls were in the play and they did awesome.  I do enjoy watching those plays, sitting in the parking lot, minus the impending storms that arrived shortly after the play ended.

– 1st annual Grub and Groove.  This was held at Francis Park and was put together by a guy I grew up with.  It was almost an extension of the school picnic since there were a ton of St. Gabe’s people there.  It was nice to see more people who I missed at the picnic, plus local celebrities were there, like Cam Janssen (plays hockey for NJ devils), Brandon Bollig (plays hockey from Chicago), both St. Louis natives.  Of course the mayor was in attendance.  Great music and decent food, can’t wait for next year.

– Birthday pub crawl – Scott and I weren’t excited about a Sunday afternoon pub crawl, especially when it’s 100 outside.  So we met up with everyone at stop 2 and had some chips and salsa and headed home.

Things have been busy for us. Maybe things will slow down after the 4th.


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