I’ve been wanting to see the play Chicago for some time.  Probably after the movie came out, I decided that was another play I should see.  Even though I never saw the movie, probably to my benefit, the play was finally being shown in St. Louis at the Muny.

I love going to the Muny, the whole experience of seeing live plays, outside, on a stage that is the largest outside stadium.  Due to the insane heat wave we have been dealing with we decided not to arrive early and walk around Forest Park.  Instead we got there about 15 minutes before the play started, walked to the Muny and found our seats.  The seats I paid for were in the center and I could see over the people in front of me and it was painfully hot.  We waiting a bit and scoped out some seats on the side sections that were almost completely open.

The play was great.  I was excited to finally get to see Chicago and the play looked much better than the movie.  Once intermission came a long I was over heated and falling asleep.  We decided it was best if we left them and catch the play at the Fox or when it wasn’t 100 at 9PM.


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