Mom’s Visit

My mom was up here for a week.  We were finally able to tell our parents that we are expecting.  That was a month and half long secret that I’m not sure how we kept.  But once the secret was out I did my best to show her all the reasons why after she retires in December that she needs to move back to St. Louis.

The Saturday she arrived we went to a little French restaurant/bakery that Scott and I found.  They have great Quiche and French onion soup.  I know, it was 100+ outside and we were enjoying soup.  Then afterwards we walked down to the new bakery and got some amazing chocolate mouse cake.  We took that home and then realized that since we had a little rain shower and the temperature dropped we should really go see the Lantern Festival.

On Sunday we went to City Coffeehouse and Creperie for breakfast.  It was great!  Plus it was another place that my mom had never been.  We then went for a relaxing manis/pedis.  Afterwards, we had a big family dinner at our house.

Monday night we tried to check out the zoo and the new seal lion exhibit.  Since it was 105 and the close parking lots were full, we returned to Steak ‘n Shake for dinner.  Tuesday was my mom’s birthday.  We took her to dinner at Zia’s, her choice, and then to Ted Drewes.  The next night we hung out at home and just relaxed.  Thursday, I showed my mom the Mills mall.  She had never seen it, just heard my stories of how big it really is.

On Friday night we met up with the Birch’s.  We met at their house and walked up the street to get some more Ted Drewes.  Scott and I hadn’t see them in a while and it was fun to catch up with all the kids.  By Saturday morning I was dropping her off at the airport.  And still saying that they should move up here.

We’ll see what happens after retirement.


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