15 Weeks

I have seen a few people do blog updates with this type of information and I thought it would be fun to document the weekly growth of the baby.  Especially since I’m told I’m starting to look pregnant instead of needing to lose some weight.

Size of Baby: Navel Orange (4.5in, 2 to 3 oz)

Total Weight Gain: Last trip to the doctor I lost 2 lbs from the initial 7 week visit.  I’m not sure if I’ve gained or stayed the same since the visit.

Continuing Symptoms: slight nose congestion, extremely tired, frequent urination, some nausea

New Symptoms This Week:  Cannot stay asleep at night

Maternity Clothes: We bought some shirts, skirts and a dress on tax-free weekend.  I can still wear a lot of my clothes but that seems to be changing week by week.

Sleep: I’m exhausted by 8PM but I wake up so often to go to the bathroom at night that I cannot get back to sleep.

What I’m Eating: I’m trying to graze on food throughout the day, but food I once could handle doesn’t go down so easy.  It varies weekly and as long as I don’t cook the food, I can usually eat whatever Scott makes.  Plus, my meal sizes are getting bigger, which is a huge plus.

Cravings: Fruits, bagels, dairy

Movement: not yet, hoping that starts soon

Labor Signs: Nope


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