NYC day 2

Our second day in Manhattan was Scott’s birthday.  We had a very busy day planned.  We started our day with a subway ride to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This museum was huge and it did not let down.  We spent a few hours here looking at things from mid-evil armor to impressionist paintings.

Van Gogh

The stolen painting from the Thomas Crown Affair

After a few hours of art we found a close cafe to have some coffee and deserts.  Cafe Sabarsky is a part of the Neue Gallery and holds German Art.  The apple strudel was amazing and well worth the random find.

We decided that I desperately needed to change my shoes before going out to the Bronx.  We walked up Lexington Ave. to find a subway station back to our hotel and took a quick nap and then it was off to the Bronx.

Our train was packed as we made our way to the Bronx of the final game of the Yankees/Red Sox series.  Yankee Stadium was the cleanest ballpark that I’ve ever been too.

It was nice to be there but listening to the Code of Conduct before the game made me realize how great fans are in St. Louis.  We stayed till the 7th inning and decided that we should try to catch the train before the crowds get there.  We did stop at the Yankee Museum before leaving.  That was really cool to see autographs from some of the Yankee greats.

George Steinbrenner’s rings


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