On the Road

It was time to say good-bye to NYC and head North.  We had to stop and get a real New York bagel before leaving town.  We stopped at Leo’s Bagels and enjoyed a Kosher bagel.

We quickly grabbed our bags, checked out of the hotel and hopped on the subway to Penn Station for our train ride to Hartford, Connecticut.

Never got lost on the NYC Subway

I was surprised with the amount of people who were waiting for trains.  Since this was my first time on the train I was pleasantly surprised with how easy the whole process was.

We finally made it to Hartford around 2 and got our rental car, Putter, and found a place to eat, of course that was after driving through the Hartford ghetto.  After a very quick-lunch we headed to the Capital building for a self guided tour.  The building was impressive from the outside and smaller than I expected on the inside.

Connecticut State Capital Building

Visiting with the Governor

We relaxed in the park across from the Capital building and then decided to go straight to Boston.

Downtown Hartford

The drive from Hartford to Boston was about an hour and half and we didn’t have much traffic until we reached the outskirts of Boston.  Then the rush hour and insane driving started.  I don’t think we were ever so happy as to when we finally reached our hotel in Woburn.  Once we settled in our room we walked over to the Joe’s American Bar and Grill and decided this place was a one time restaurant – horrible service.


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