Bewitching Day & BoSox

Salem, Massachusetts was our last destination place to go before we left town.  We arrived around 11 and headed to the visitor’s center to get our maps of the town.  They actually have a witch trail painted in red all around town so you can walk and stop in to the must see spots or you can ride the trolley.  We walked it.  The whole trail was about a mile or so long and had plenty to see.

We first went to the Salem Witch Museum and listened to the story of the witch trials.   Afterwards we walked around town to historic houses from 1692 and the Memorial to the victims of the witch trials.

We stopped for lunch a small restaurant called the Lobster Shanty.  Up until this point in our trip we hadn’t really had lobster.  There was some in my pasta in Plymouth but I didn’t eat much.  So this was our chance to try it and see what we thought.  We decided to ask what was the most popular and go from there.  Scott had the traditional lobster roll and I had the lobster mac & cheese.  We came to the conclusion that we do not like lobster.  Thankfully I was able to pick out my lobster and eat most of the mac & cheese, Scott wasn’t so lucky but he did manage to eat a lot of it.

After lunch we decided to see the House of 7 Gables and some of the Nathaniel Hawethorne’s history.

Salem, MA

We found the coast and that Salem is known for it’s maritime history as well as the witch stories.

The Witch Trail

We headed back to the hotel for a little rest before we ventured back into Boston to catch the Red Sox game at Fenway.  After a very confusing drive into Boston and paying crazy amounts to park we finally made it into Fenway.  I couldn’t believe I was actually there and the stadium was so small.  We were able to stand right behind the visiting bullpen and watch the players warm up for a bit.

Fenway Park

Then we found our seats, they weren’t that high up but they were covered.  We couldn’t see the main screen with the replays and lineups but they gave us a great shot down the first base line.

View from our seats

The Royals put up a fight and we got to hear the infamous Red Sox fans booing their team.  They haven’t been great all season and half are at odds with the coach, Bobby Valentine.  It was entertaining enough.  Overall the park was dirty and we randomly had some liquid dripping on us from above.  We never figured it out, there were no a/c vents above so that let the mind wander.


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