Last day in Boston

On our last day in Beantown we headed out to Havard to check out the college.  It was impressive.  There was a lot of history on that campus dating back to the 1600s.  We walked around campus for an hour or so until we found the Havard Museum of Natural History.  There was so much in that building that we could not see it all.

Founder of Havard

Once we left Havard, we went to the North End for lunch and a walk around the Italian neighborhood.


We had lunch at Trattoria Il Panino.  The food was great and it was so nice to sit outside and people watch.  This weekend was also the Festival of St. Anthony so it was crazy.  We found the first Catholic church founded by Italian immigrants.

It was very pretty.  Then we found part of the freedom trail that involved Paul Revere.

We walked past Paul Revere’s house and on to the Old North Church where he put his lanterns in the window during his famous ride.

Inside Old North Church

And with that we found our car and headed to the airport.


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