Fall Traditions

Scott and I have some annual fall traditions that we have done since we started dating and I love them.  Starting with Labor Day weekend we check out Greek Festival at St. Nicholas, then watch the Tour de St. Louis on the Hill, and to finish the day we listen to some live Blues music on the Landing at Muddy Blues.  This year with the remnants of hurricane Isaac swarming around St. Louis we only made it to Greek Festival.  But that’s ok, I don’t think I could handle the other two events this year.

Late September we go over to Belleville, IL to pick apples and get our pumpkins.  With the small selection of apples last year we (I) made it a point to get over there closer to Labor Day weekend.  And that is what we did this past weekend.

First attended a 2 year olds birthday party, my friend from high school’s son turned 2.  It was a first for Scott and a lot to take in.  He was able to talk to a new father of a 4 week old while we were there.  I think he manged to get a good look at what will be happening for us in 2 years.

Afterwards we headed over to Belleville to get some apples.  There was a decent crowd and a long line waiting to get on the tractors to pick some apples.

The normal cheesy pose

Once we got to our designated rows of apples to pick we found out that we had 3 choices of apples and the selection was great.

Getting the high ones

Now we have 30 lbs of apples, it’s time to start the apple pies, applesauce, and candy apples.  The fun part about going apple picking this year is that we get to see how different will be next year when there is a 7 month old with us!


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