20 weeks! Half way to baby!

Things are pretty much back to normal. I’m feeling a lot better, still sleepy by 9. We postponed our 20 week appointment till Monday, 9-24.

Size of Baby: Banana (7in., 11oz)

Total Weight Gain: Not sure going to the doctor next week for the 20 week check up

Continuing Symptoms: I had a migraine during the past week. I was able to get some Tylenol and get back to sleep before it got really bad. I only missed a couple of hours of work. Other symptoms are that I’m just sleepy by 9 and that works out great during the week.

New Symptoms This Week: Nothing new this week. Still feeling the stretching pains and the movements/twitching feelings are getting a little stronger.

Maternity Clothes: This is still the same from last week. I can wear t-shirts that are a little bigger and still one pair of pants that I wear to work. I do love my maternity jeans, they are great.



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