The best part about apple picking is having so many recipes to do with all the apples.  My favorite pie is apple so this time of year is perfect for me.  The down side is that being pregnant I need to figure out when to eat all these goodies during the day since my sugar cut off is around 3PM.  As much as I love these deserts I love my sleep a little more.

That being said, my first dish was apple pie.  It seems to be getting easier to make these quickly every year.  I always tend to peal more apples than I need but it makes the pies that much better.  I mix everything up first

Once I get everything mixed well it goes into the crust.  This year I’ve been lazy and just bought pie crusts.  It’s easier and fairly cheap.

And then I add the apples and all their flavors.

Add more crust for the top and in the oven it goes.  I wish I had a picture of it just out of the oven but we needed to taste it.  Scott did have to ask if I used canned apple for some of the flavoring.  That made me feel pretty good knowing that everything was made fresh, minus the crust.

The other apple dish I made recently is a crock pot apple crisp.  I found the recipe on Pinterest and thought it was pretty easy.  It was mostly the same ingredients as the apple pie plus a few other spices and turned the crock pot on for a couple of hours.  I haven’t tried it yet but Scott tells me that it needs to be made again.


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