Missouri’s Best

Last year we attended the Missouri’s Best Festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens and had a great time sampling all the food and seeing all the craft vendors.  This year just Scott and I went and enjoyed all the samples one can get.  It was a little colder this year.  Although being in the big tents really helped keep me warmer than I had expected.

We got there around noon and I didn’t think the crowds were as bad as they were last year.  Or I was hanging around the wine tasting booths like last year.  It was obvious to see which places were giving out samples and they had very long lines.  Some where worth the wait, others like the sweet/spicy mustard was not.

We walked through all 4 huge tents and found a few new goodies that we had to go back for, after a stop of water.  I do love going and support MoBot and the events that they have.  Not to mention the 15 minutes of driving around the blocks trying to find parking spaces.

Here are our goodies, we’ve already made one of the soups in a bag from Thompson’s Farms.  And yes, we did buy goose poop!


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