Best Husband

Since the weather decided to drop from 80s to 40s in a matter of a day we started to bundle up.  It wasn’t too cold on Friday evening and we went to bed without the heat on in the house.  When we woke up Saturday morning there was a freezing cold dog nuzzled between us.  Since Reily got an extra summer cut late in the summer, it’s a little slow to grow back.

With that being said I was all about turning the heat on as soon as possible.  But I was informed that we needed to get a new filter before doing so.  So, I waited till that afternoon.  Thankfully we weren’t really home much so I didn’t seem to mind.

Scott put the new filter in and waited for the heat to kick on.  Scott did mention that we should have had someone out at the house to check the furnace before doing anything but Mother Nature didn’t wait.  Instead I sat on the couch debating the need for carbon monoxide detectors.  I’ve never been a worry ward on things like this, but with a baby on the way I didn’t want to take a chance.

So, I casually mentioned my worries and to my surprise I was met with agreement.  And a quick trip to Lowe’s we now own 2 carbon monoxide detectors, one for each floor.  It was well worth the sense of relief.

I completely have the best husband ever, for getting up at 8:30PM on a Saturday night, in the middle of the Nebraska game to go to Lowe’s to get these for me!


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