The race is on

On Sunday morning, before the Columbus day parade Scott and his sister Michelle ran the Go! St. Louis Halloween 5K.  It was Michelle’s first race ever and Scott was by her side cheering her on throughout the race.

Before the race with the tombstones

We got down there early enough to walk around, look for some coffee and get into place before the race started.  I love this race!  It is so much fun to see all the costumes that people attempt to fun in.  There were a bunch of Waldo’s, Ninja turtles and run away brides.  Those who paint their face and body to get sweaty amaze me.

Scott and Michelle lined up and I headed towards the start of the race.  I love watching the start of the races.  It amazes me to see how fast the first people pace themselves.  Plus it gives me plenty of time to look for Scott when he starts a race.  I was able to find Michelle right after the start of the race and get a great action shot!

Michelle is in all black, near the orange shirt guy

I tried to get both of them in one picture but I couldn’t get a clear shot.  I do have a great view of Scott’s arm in the picture above.  After they passed us, I met up with Scott’s mom and we headed over to the finish line.  The first runner came by at 16 minutes and Scott and Michelle finished at 37 minutes.  Great run for a first timer!


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