Columbus Day

This year the Columbus Day parade was held the week after Columbus Day.  The reason was the Sunday before Columbus Day was Buena Festa on the Hill.  So we adjusted and made our way to our normal seats, right in front of my cousin’s pizza place.


Debbie greeted us and said we could sit anywhere.  Which was nice since she had her table all marked reserve, unless you were a customer.  We got our table and had our appetizers brought to us in plenty of time before the parade actually started.

This year’s parade was a little better than last year.  The huge Schnuck’s shopping cart made an appearance as well as the Shriners.  It seemed like there were a few less Shriner’s this year but they still put on some tricks.  I didn’t get my annual Vitale’s Bakery t-shirt this year, instead tons of Tootsie rolls.  It is a great tradition that I can wait for next year.

Before we headed home, we picked up an old picture of Grandpa and his siblings and my great-grandmother.  I’m told it’s one the few remaining pictures of all of them together.  I’m off to make copies for a few people and then hang it back up in Debbie’s restaurant.

Can you tell who is my grandfather?

Happy Columbus Day!


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