#12 in ’12, Almost

Well after an interesting postseason my beloved Redbirds were eliminated from the playoffs by the Giants in game 7 of the NLCS.  After getting a quick 3-1 lead in the series the Birds could not get the final win to earn a trip back to the World Series.  Overall they played a decent season and proved again that anything can happen once you get into the postseason.

The Cardinals won a crazy Wild Card game against the Braves.  The baseball world learned a whole new meaning to the “infield Fly” rule.  And how classy our fans are compared to those in Atlanta.

After the Wild Card game the Washington Nationals came to town.  They had the best record in baseball and have a great young team.  They looked strong and like a tough team to beat.  However, with our backs against the wall the Cards pulled out a miraculous win in game 5 to move on and leave DC and their fair-weather fans crying.

Next up was a trip out to San Francisco.  The Giants had just come from behind to beat the Reds to move on to the NLCS.  When the series started it looked like the Cards would wrap things up in 5 games.  During game 5 the Giants pitching and bats came alive just as ours started to crumble.  We ended up forcing a game 7 and by the 3 inning it was over.  The Cards couldn’t get a hit to save their lives.

It was sad to wake up and see that baseball was over for the season in STL.  Maybe it was because we had a rookie manager in his first ever post season of any kind.  Maybe it was because we won the World Series last year and had a short off-season.  Whatever it was the Cardinals proved that once you get a spot in the playoffs, the regular season doesn’t matter and anything can happen.

Can’t wait for next year – I have already read articles saying that we could be even better next year!


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