Cherokee Street

Near the Lemp brewery and Anheuser Busch brewery, there is a street that is filled with random shops and some restaurants.  It is known to have great Cinco de Mayo parties and lots of historical markers.  Last Saturday as Scott went on his weekly breakfast with Michelle I decided to tag along.  They went to the Mud House on Cherokee Street for breakfast.

Scott and I had driven down Cherokee Street only once that I can remember and everything seemed closed and no one was around.  I knew we had to go back to check out the shops.  This breakfast was a good excuse to do that and head to the Soulard market afterwards.

Breakfast was pretty good.  The coffee-house didn’t really get busy until 10AM when the trendy residents of Benton Park showed up.  It didn’t matter to us, we had our table and breakfast and were happy.

After breakfast we said good-bye to Michelle and decided to walk about the block and check out the shops.  Some of the shops where purely crap.  There was a shop that mostly had ovens from the 1950s.  They would look great in museums, I don’t even think they would work in a vintage kitchen.  There were shops that had tons of dishware and books and knickknacks from the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s.  It was fun to walk around and check everything out.

Shop, house and historical marker

We did enjoy stopping and reading some of the historical markers that were posted on the houses throughout the neighborhood.  I can’t wait to go back when more shops are open and check them out.


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