Weekend in Chicago

It has been almost a year since we were last in Chicago.  So our trip up to visit the Bates’ was long over due.  We drove up Friday afternoon with a quick dinner stop in Springfield.  We settled into the Bates house and caught up and I was quickly off to bed.

Saturday was a fairly busy day.  Scott went for a run and then we prepared for back to back soccer games.  It was a little colder than I had expected watching the games but it wasn’t horrible.  Afterwards we got some pumpkins and did a little carving.

Scott did a great job of craving our pumpkin.

Afterwards the adults went out to a nice dinner.  I was able to try a few new foods that I would normally not eat:  mushroom ravioli’s, tempura buffalo shrimp, polenta fries.  All great dishes at Abigail’s.  After dinner a few games of dirty neighbor was played before Scott and I watched and fell asleep during the Nebraska game.

Before we left on Sunday we went to breakfast at Caffe Buon Giorno of Winnetka with the younger kids.  The food was pretty good and there was a lot of it.  An hour of Wii and we were on the road home.  It was a great relaxing trip.


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