Halloween 2012

We spent like we’ve spent the last 3, at the Birch’s.  It’s a nice tradition to go down there and hang out with them for the evening.  Reily even gets to join in the fun.  This year it was only Catherine and Mathew out trick or treating as a glass of milk and Yadier Molina.  They looked great.  Catherine has really come up with some creative costumes the last few years.

Scott and I are usually the first ones out there giving out the candy and listening to the horrible jokes.  This year it was much of the same.  Lots of kids, we estimate around 300 based on Ellen’s candy purchases.  The jokes weren’t great.  There were 3 about the Cubs and those were the best ones.  I didn’t see many costumes that impressed me either.  There were lots of super heroes and baseball players.

The down side of our neighborhood being safe and known for good candy was that there were a lot of outsiders.  They showed up without a joke and without a costume.  As the ones giving out candy we made those old enough or too old to be out tell a joke before getting candy.  Next year they are getting erasers or pencils.

It was a fun evening catching up with the Birch’s and some neighbors that I grew up with.  Next year, we’ll be joined with Baby A and should have an entirely different Halloween experience.


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