Omaha Thanksgiving

What a great Thanksgiving we had.  I was a little nervous about the 7.5 hour car ride and being 7 months pregnant and needing to stop all the time.  But we managed to stop on 5 times on the way up there and still arrived by 2.  We had horrible fog when we left our house, bright and early Wednesday morning.  We stopped in Wright City for a quick breakfast for me and then stopped in Columbia for a much-needed Starbucks trip.  The Starbucks we found was on Mizzou’s campus and across the street from Shakespeare’s Pizza, a place I’ve heard about from time to time.

Once we arrived in Omaha, my aunt and I went out to run a couple of errands and get some much-needed mani/pedis.  It was so nice outside that it did not feel like Omaha at Thanksgiving time.  Once returned we picked up Scott and headed to Sortino’s to meet up with the family and enjoy a Sheldon Family tradition of pizza and catching up.  It was the first time I was able to meet my new cousins, Lucy and Cassidy.  It’s amazing how fast they have grown in a year.  Jackson was just a newborn at our wedding and has turned into quite a cute kid.  The pizza was great and it was nice to finally see my parents.  Afterwards, all the guys went out with Kyle leading the group.  I went home and slept.  It must have been a great night out because Scott and Scott didn’t make it home till 2:30!

On Thanksgiving, we met up with my parents at Old Navy for a quick shopping trip and then some Starbucks to hang out.  Then we packed up the car and headed to my Aunt Pam’s house for dinner.  It was great to see my cousin Luke, who has been plagued by an illness that they finally think is Lyme disease, and Emily, with newborn Harrison.  There was plenty of football and food to go around.  It was nice to sit in somewhat quiet places and talk with all my cousins, aunts and uncles.  It’s amazing how much baby advice there is when there are 9 kids under 6.  I can’t wait for Thanksgiving in 2 years when we will have a little one to chase around.

Friday morning was much of the same family time.  My aunts and cousins had planned a baby shower for me at a local restaurant for brunch.  The food was great and talking more with the newer moms was always educational.  After the shower we decided to brave the shops and see what we could find.  Since the Huskers weren’t playing great it was advised that we stay out shopping.  We made it back just in time to see the Huskers pull out a win in the last game of the season.  Bring on the Big 10 Championship game!  While Scott did some work and my mom and aunt chatted, I took a wonderful nap.  That was missing from actual Thanksgiving day!  Then the 6 of us loaded up the cars and met Shelley & Mark for dinner and a Bond movie.  Dinner was great and Scott got to talk to my uncles a little more.  Always a good time with the Sheldon bunch.

Saturday morning we were told to be at Village Inn by 7:30, my parents showed up at 8.  We had a quick breakfast and we left for St. Louis as my parents headed back to Texas.  It wasn’t a long enough visit with everyone but it will do until the first bridal shower in the spring.



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