30 Weeks, 10 to go!

Things are moving quickly.  There are just 10 weeks left and I’m now starting to feel like we need to step it up.  The good news is that this weekend we are planning on making some serious progress on the baby’s room.

This last week has slowed me down a lot.  I’ve had a cold since Thanksgiving and doing too much causes major exhaustion.  It looks like the cold is starting to break up and hopefully I’ll be back to normal this weekend.

We had our 30 week check up and the baby is positioned head down, which is an upgrade from being breach at the last ultrasound.  Also, it is kicking up a storm!  It’s fun to watch my stomach just randomly twitch and shift.  The heartbeat was at 138 and has me leaning towards girl based on the old wives tale.  The best news is that I’m right on track with weight gain and measurements.

My aunts and cousins threw me a shower while in Omaha last week and we got some wonderful, unexpected presents for the baby.  We should be getting our stroller and mobile in the mail shortly.  We are extremely grateful for everything we got and I loved the time to catch up with family over brunch.

Your Baby in Week 30 of Pregnancy

Your belly’s increasing size is a definite clue that your baby is getting bigger every day, weighing in at over three pounds now (it will be packing on the weight at a rate of half a pound per week for the next seven weeks). Also growing daily is its brain, which is actually starting to look like the real thing with those characteristic grooves and wrinkles. And now that your little genius can regulate its own body temperature and turn up the heat, it will start shedding lanugo, the downy body hair that’s been keeping it warm up until now.

Your Body in Week 30 of Pregnancy

These days you may feel as if you’ve got a flamethrower in your chest. Heartburn is one of the most common (and annoying) pregnancy ailments and here’s why: The same pregnancy hormones that cause your body’s pelvic muscles to relax so you can deliver your baby also relax the ring of muscle that separates the esophagus from the stomach. The upshot? Food and digestive juices can head upstream from your tummy into your chest and throat — hence, the infernal inferno. Your expanding uterus, now exerting pressure on your stomach, only fuels the fire.

Week 30 Pregnancy Symptoms

Stronger fetal activity: You can expect to feel your baby moving every day — sometimes with a punch or a kick (your itty-bitty boxer is getting stronger!), other times with a wiggle or a stretch. You can also expect more activity after you’ve had a snack or meal and (sadly!) when you’re lying down.  This kid is moving all over the place.  It’s hard to go 10 minutes without feeling anything.

Bloating: Your expanding uterus (that third-trimester culprit) is pressing into the stomach and intestines, making that bloated feeling worse this week (and for the next several weeks). Eat smaller (and more frequent) meals to avoid overloading your digestive system.  It seems like I’m eating less and more frequent these days.  Might of had a little acid reflux over Thanksgiving.

Occasional faintness or dizziness: It’s a common pregnancy symptom, but mention it to your practitioner (especially if you do faint). You can stop a dizzy spell by lying down and elevating your feet as soon as you feel light-headed.  Very happy that this has not happened yet. 

Bleeding gums: Thanks to pregnancy hormones, your gums could be swollen, inflamed, and even bleeding. Although bleeding gums are common (and will probably go away after delivery), take extra-good care of your teeth and gums right now: Brush and floss twice a day.  It seems like once a week I’ll experience this while brushing. 

Stretch marks: As your skin stretches to accommodate your growing belly and body, you (and 90 percent of the pregnant set) are probably starting to see the pink or red streaks known as stretch marks. There’s no miracle cure for stretch marks, so don’t blow the bucks on expensive creams that promise to make them disappear. (Creams will soothe your itchy belly, though.)  What stretch marks?  I have none and even the doctor was impressed by that yesterday!

Mild swelling of ankles and feet: About 75 percent of pregnant women suffer from puffy ankles and feet. Besides wearing comfy shoes, you can relieve your swollen tootsies by taking breaks and putting your feet up. (You deserve it!)  Oh, they are swelling.  It was at it’s worse the day we drove to Omaha, but since then I feel as if they have gone down a lot.  Still a little swelling.

Fatigue: Your second trimester get-up-and-go may have upped and left now. Your growing baby is putting more demands on your body, and insomnia may be leaving you pooped during the day. Now’s the time to ask for help (a skill that will come in handy after childbirth), especially doing something strenuous.  By the end of the work day I’m exhausted.  But I can’t just sit still when I get home.  There is cleaning and cooking to be done.  So I’ve moved my bed time back to 9/9:30 these days.  Of course Reily still likes to go out around 1AM and is the routine of waking me up 10 minutes before my alarm goes off.  It’s a good thing she is cute.


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