We spend this weekend nesting, big time!  There are a few things we had been wanting to do around the house for months, but never had the time to do them.  This weekend we took advantage of having nothing scheduled and knocked them out.

We went up to Schnucks and rented a carpet cleaner and, slowly, we moved every piece of furniture in our house around.  Scott moved all the big stuff around while I shuffled the smaller items.  Then, I kept the dog in the dry parts of the house while he used the carpet cleaner.  It took a day to do the whole house.  It’s amazing how big of a difference it makes since we’ve done that.

My big project for the weekend was to get all baby clothing washed and folded.  Since we moved the dresser out of the guest room and into the baby’s room, the kid now has a place to store all of the clothes, towels, and blankets that we got.  Plus, with the dresser in the room, the room feels more finished.  I would like to say that all the clothes are nicely put away, but that just isn’t the case.  I just have one more load to fold and then everything can go back upstairs.

The good news to our crazy cleaning was that we found a coming home outfit.  I had been worried about that for a while.  I think I’m happy with our choice.  Big doctor’s appointment tomorrow to see if there is any progress.


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