Baby Shower Weekend

I had a wonderful baby shower this weekend and a great girls weekend with my out-of-town friends.  It was a busy weekend and wouldn’t have asked for anything else.

Sam and Kelly arrived Friday afternoon and the fun/catching up started then.  I hadn’t really spent much time with either of them since our wedding.  We arrived from airport pick ups and chatted for a while then it was off to Gian Tony’s for a wonderful dinner.  Gian Tony’s is by far one of the best Italian restaurants on the Hill, it also happens to be in my Great Zia’s old restaurant.  I may be a little biased.  We caught up some more at dinner and then tried to see if Ted Drewes was still open for the season.  We got very lucky, they closed on Sunday!  Ted Drewes was one of the must go places for Kelly and Sam while they were in town and thankfully we managed to accommodate them.

On Saturday my friends hosted a baby shower for me at Joey B’s.  It was just what I wanted.  It was low-key and everyone I wanted to see was there.  We got a back table tha was private enough in case we got too loud.

Diaper Cake from Nicole

Diaper Cake from Nicole

It was a great mix of old friends and new and no baby shower games, which was even better.  We received some wonderful and needed gifts from everyone that came.  I especially loved the “My first fish fry” onesie embroidered in St. Gabriel’s blue and gold from Zipf.  She was right, she did have the best/creative present there.

My First Fish Fry

My First Fish Fry

After the shower, Kelly, Sam and I got much-needed pedicures and a little Target shopping.  Then we met up with Scott and Mike at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, football and trivia.

On Sunday, we got ready fairly quickly so we could arrive at Crown Candy just as it was opening for lunch.  I have never been there when it opens but it was well worth the rush.  We walked in and got a table without having to wait in the 25 degree cold.  I had taken Kelly to Crown Candy before and somehow I had never taken Sam.  I think she liked it and she even bought some extra candy on the way out.  We dropped Sam off at the airport and killed a couple of hours at home with Kelly and getting her design expertise around the house.  We now have a few project that we are planning on doing before the baby gets here in three short weeks!


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