Amazing Friends

We have some amazing friends and family.  I arrived home from work on Thursday night to find a Pack and Play sitting at our door.  I couldn’t believe someone had bought that for us.  Then I went through my list of friends and family and could not figure out who sent it to properly thank them.  After some texting with my mom and removing the contents of the box, I finally found a 210 area code phone number on the delivery sticker.  Then the search through my phone for a matching number came up empty.  More texting with my mom followed.  We finally found the matching number.  The family that I spent a lot of time babysitting in San Antonio had sent us the Pack and Play.  We couldn’t me more thankful of them for send that gift.  It just made me miss the girls even more.


On Friday night I and planned a last hurrah with my old Lindenwood co-workers.  Scott and I headed over to my old Director, Sandi, aka mom, house for drinks and catching up with everyone.  After we got there and chatted for a while I was informed that there were presents for baby A.  I couldn’t believe the planned a surprise baby shower for us.


We got some cute outfits and more bath stuff.  It was a complete shock to Scott and I that they had planned all of this.  We are extremely grateful to have such generous and wonderful friends and family in our lives.


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