St. Louis says good-bye

“Here stands baseball’s perfect warrior. Here stands baseball’s perfect knight.”

How much can one city love you?  When it comes to Stan Musial it’s infinite.  He was the perfect fit for a baseball crazed city.  He knew he would stay in St. Louis and build his family here long after baseball.  And the city truly appreciates all he has done.

I first remember hearing about Stan when I was little and getting into baseball.  I grew up in the same neighborhood where he bought his first 2 homes while playing for the Cardinals.  It was a thrill for us kids to ride bikes past his old houses and know that a legend lived there.  Then once I really understood baseball, I was able to grasp the magnitude of how great of a player he was, without the hype that Yogi, Joe, and Mickey got.

Stan Musial has been gone for a little over a week and there are still no plans to take down the memorial around his statue at Busch Stadium.  And every day on my way to work I get to see a city paying tribute to “baseball’s perfect knight.”

Lumiere Casino pay tribute to The Man

Lumiere Casino pay tribute to The Man


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