39 weeks

After our 39 week appointment we have a end in sight.  If the kid decides he/she does not want to come out then I will be induced on February 11th.  That makes me feel like I have some control.  So the next week is going to be a wait and see game.  The baby is dropping, I measured 37 at my 38 week appointment and yesterday I’m at 34.  I can feel more pressure and I’m getting kicked/nudged a lot lower than I was the previous weeks.  Still no real Braxton Hicks contractions, I’m told they are going to increase this week.  But we are as ready as we can be.  My goal is to work till I go into labor, I think I may work 1 more week and then just relax and sleep as much as I can till the baby arrives. 

Your Baby in Week 39 of Pregnancy

Coming down to the wire, your baby weighs around seven to eight pounds and measures 19 to 21 inches. Those measurements won’t change much from now on, but its brain is still growing at an astonishing rate, a pace that will continue for the first three years of life. Its pink skin has now turned whitish (even babies who’ll eventually have darker skin appear whitish now — they haven’t yet developed pigment). Its head may have dropped into your pelvis by now, which makes your breathing easier but walking harder.

Your Body in Week 39 of Pregnancy

The end (and a whole new beginning!) is in sight, so watch for the signs that your body is ready to get the show on the road. These include Braxton Hicks contractions; the rupture of the membranes (water breaking) that contain your amniotic fluid; the loss of the mucous plug (the “cork” of mucus that seals the opening of the uterus); and the bloody show (your capillaries rupture from the dilation and effacement of your cervix, causing any discharge to appear pink or red-tinged). Labor could be close (but no cigar — yet!).

Week 39 Pregnancy Symptoms

More frequent Braxton Hicks contractions: If you’ve been experiencing these practice contractions, they may be getting stronger now. But if you haven’t had a contraction yet, don’t worry. Braxton Hicks contractions are more common in second (and subsequent) pregnancies.  I still haven’t really felt major contractions.  I’m told that should increase this week.

Slowdown in fetal activity: As her living quarters become more cramped, you may notice a slowdown in fetal movement. Your baby’s coordination has improved and he’s less likely to make involuntary jabs (even if he had the room). There is still plenty of movement with this kid especially at night.

Heartburn or indigestion: Your heartburn may be at its peak now. Don’t worry, relief is around the corner when you deliver. For relief now, drink liquids before or after meals instead of during.  I haven’t had too much heartburn during the pregnancy and the acid reflux seems to be slowing down.

Rupture of membranes (possibly): Another sign that labor may be near — if your amniotic sac breaks and gushes out fluid. But don’t worry about causing a flood while you’re standing in the grocery checkout line. Despite what you’ve seen in movies, most women are in labor (and in the hospital) by the time their water breaks. If yours does break, call your practitioner.  This has not happened, if so I’d be at the hospital.

Diarrhea or nausea: As your body gets ready for childbirth, the muscles may loosen in your rectum, resulting in loose bowel movements. You may also suffer some nausea. It’s important to keep drinking water to avoid dehydration.  I’ve been drinking a lot of water these days.

Pelvic pressure and discomfort: Your baby’s head is putting pressure on your pelvis, making you feel uncomfortable. Other symptoms of discomfort could include menstrual-like cramps and indigestion, which can also be signs of early contractions.  I get an occasional cramp here or there, nothing horrible.  I do feel added pressure when I’m walking around. 

Backaches: Your backaches could be worse now as you count down the final weeks. You can soothe a sore back by getting into the shower and letting the warm water pulse onto your back.  My back starts to hurt when I’m getting up from sitting or laying down.  Nothing that doesn’t fade away once I’m moving. 


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