Mr. Fix-It

Scott has been doing a few last-minute home improvements around the house. After Mike and my FIL came out to move the mantle and hang the new tv in the living room, we decided that we should fill the new hole in the wall and make sure that is baby safe.


Now all we have to do it tape, mud and repaint the entire living room.  Good thing I got a great recommendation for a painter from work.

The other bit of house work that we have put off for a while has been putting the railing back on the wall going to the basement.  But with the kid on the way and both of our dad’s using that rail to get around the house, we thought it was best to re-install it.  So after fixing the hole in the wall, Scott reattached the hand rail.


So now that we have that done we can sit back and do nothing major for a while.  Next up on our to do list is new flooring on the main floor of the house.  Maybe a spring or summer project.


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