We’re Ready

It’s official, there is nothing more we can or need to do to get ready for this kid to make its arrival. This past weekend we added the final pieces to the baby’s room as well as reorganized the living room yet again.

On Friday after work, I ended up getting the onset of a migraine.  The fun part of the migraine was the whole drive home from work.  I had the vision blind spots and numbness on my left side, which was followed by nausea.  Thankfully I made it home ok and straight to bed.  I slept for just under and hour when Scott got home and then it was off to run errands.  We headed to Wal-mart to pick up a glider chair for the baby’s room and then dinner.

We got home in time to watch the Blues game while Scott assembled the chair and removed the big leather chair.


Everything was put together fairly easily and then it was time to really organize the living room, again.  I think we are finally happy with the furniture arrangement.  We know we need to get another end table and lamp in the room but for now, it works.


The rest of the weekend was spent just hanging out.  We did make it down to Soulard to get some groceries and see some of the craziness that is Taste of Soulard.  Funny how just a year ago we were going from bar to bar trying food and drinks.

From now on it’s a waiting game with us and the baby.  But I will for sure have a baby here no later than the 11th and we can’t wait!


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