Last weekend without children

Our last weekend as a couple was very uneventful.  We stayed close to home for most of it just in case anything should happen.  I took off work on Thursday and Friday after my due date.  My temp had already started working and I helped train her for a couple extra days but I was not needed there.  And it was really nice to be home and relax, even get a pedicure (it did not work for inducing labor).

Fo We watched a lot of Homeland and hockey.  We even managed a trip down to Soulard to get a few last things that we knew we would be needing.

My parents arrived on Sunday afternoon and we visited for a while.  As Scott’s parents arrived shortly after.  Then we were off to one last childless dinner.  We had a nice dinner, just the 6 of us.  And then it was back home for one last quiet night.

I don’t think it really hit me that in the morning I was going to the hospital to be induced.  We got home and Scott’s parents took Reily home with them.  Then it started to get real.  I was so tired that getting to sleep did not seem to bother me one bit.


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