It’s a….

BOY!   Gabriel Scott was born on February 11, 2013 at 11:05 PM.  After months of debating boy or girl we finally have a beautiful, healthy baby boy.  He is perfect!


We woke up around 4:30am and were unable to go back to sleep.  So we decided to watch a new episodes of New Girl while we waited for the hospital to call and tell us it was time to come in.  We didn’t have to wait too long, by 5:30am we received the call.  We quickly showered and packed up the car and were off.

We checked in to the hospital and were taken up the new Labor and Delivery rooms.  They were really nice and we had our nurses in the room in a matter of minutes.  Once we were settled in there was a nurse shift change and I got a new IV and then they started the Pitocen.  Since I tested Strep B positive, I had to have 2 bags of  antibiotics in me before they would break my water.  So by 1PM, a doctor and my nurse were in the room breaking my water.

Before that, I had some contractions.  Still nothing to write home about.  I even was able to talk to my SIL via google video phone during a contraction.  However, they started to get a little uncomfortable about 3PM, so I asked for the epidural.

As the evening progressed my contractions were getting closer together but still not too painful.  I had let the epidural start to wear off.  So they had to bring me some more medicine and tell me to push the button every 10 minutes.  And that was much needed advice.  Because around 8 the contractions started to hurt.

For most of the day I was at 1cm, then by early evening I was finally 4cm and then around 8pm I was 7cm.  Things started to move very fast.  My nurse told me that my doctor wanted me checked at 10PM, but since things moved fast, I started to push at 10PM.

When my doctor arrived I was ready for Gabe to be born.  The only issue we had was that he did not want to come out face up or face down.  He had his head turned to the side.  After trying to get him to turn his head un-sucessfully, we ended up delivering him at 11:05PM.


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