First Date

My amazing husband had a great idea this weekend.  We needed a date night.  And not just any kind of date night, we needed to go back to where we had our first date.  Way back in December 1998, I came up to St. Louis to visit my friends and spend New Years Eve with them.  When I arrived at the airport Scott, Jenner, Brooke were all waiting for me.   We went out to dinner and then I went to Brooke’s house.   I didn’t know it at the time but Scott had like me since we met Junior year of high school.

We spend separate New Years and then my flight was cancelled.  I couldn’t get a flight out of St. Louis for 2 extra days due to snow.  It was just what I wanted, I was no way ready to go back to San Antonio.  So I called Scott and we went on a big group date to Rich and Charlie’s (aka Dick & Chuck’s).  Who would have know that two 18 year olds would end up dating 2 times long distance and then get married on the third dating try 15 years later?

This was our first night out without Gabe.  It was very much-needed.  We dropped Gabe and Reily off at Scott’s parents house and headed to Rich and Charlie’s for dinner at 4:30 – nice early bird dinner.  I’m pretty sure we both ordered the exact same dinners ( we tend to get the same things at Italian food restaurants, me more so).  We chatted about where we sat the last time we were there and who was with us.  What is great is that I have a picture of us from that night.  It’s fun to see how much we have grown up.

First Date

First Date

And here is us after dinner on our way to spend a little more adult time before picking up Gabe.

photo (13)

Thank you Scott for knowing that I needed a night out!  Kinkos!


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