St. Patrick’s Day

We don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  I rarely remember to wear green and get really annoyed with those that pinch because I don’t have it on.  We didn’t have anything planned for Gabe’s first St. Patrick’s day.  In fact, I barely put him in anything green, it was more teal than anything.  Our goal for St. Patrick’s Day was to see the Easter Bunny.  We got ready and headed out to get our errands and see the bunny around 12.

Gabe was asleep most of the car ride over to our lunch.  He was a champ and slept through most of lunch.  Then he woke up with a dirty diaper and let everyone know.  We quickly headed back to the car and changed his diaper and put him in the Baby Bjorn.  He was out by the time we headed back to do some shopping.  He allowed us to window shop and take our time in Crate and Barrel.

We then loaded him up and went to Micro Center and Target with him sound asleep.  He woke up when we moved him from the Baby Bjorn to the car seat.  Once that happened and he was able to eat we didn’t want to push our luck.  He was done for the day.  We headed home without seeing the Easter Bunny, that’s next weekend.

Some green

Some green

On the plus side with all the moving around and shopping we wore this kid out.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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