First Easter

We had a very easy Easter for Gabriel’s first Easter.  The week before we took him to see the Easter Bunny.  I feel that as a parent, I can make my child do anything I want, at least while he is young enough to sleep through it all.  Gabe’s first Easter Bunny experience was very easy, he didn’t even know he was at the mall or sitting on the lap of a huge bunny.

Gabe and the Easter Bunny

Gabe and the Easter Bunny

photo (19)

I love the classic children clothing and my mom sent up some outfits that my brother wore.  For Easter Gabriel was sport his Zio Andrew’s outfit and he looked great.  He wasn’t too sure about posing with his Easter basket though.

Zio Andrew's outfit

Zio Andrew’s outfit

For Easter dinner we went to Scott’s parents house.  Gabe was pretty good through dinner and got a little fussy towards the end.  Overall he had a great Easter being passed around between Grandpa Ron, Nana, and Aunt Michelle.  I don’t think he minded one bit.

Gabe's First Easter bib

Gabe’s First Easter bib




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