Go! St. Louis 1/2 Marathon

Scott ran the GO! St. Louis 1/2 Marathon this past weekend.  We, Gabe and I, had planned on going down to support/cheer him on.  So the night before Scott carb loaded and we hung out at home and got to bed early. I had decided that should Gabe wake up that I would take care of him all night so Scott could be well rested.  That plan worked well until Gabe had his second night of tummy troubles.  He wasn’t technically constipated, but he was trying really hard and was very uncomfortable.

I spent a couple of hours from 3-5am rubbing his belly and trying to comfort him to the best that I could and allow Scott to stay asleep.  This worked pretty good.  At 5, Scott woke up and was getting ready to go.  I decided that we would stay home and cheer in spirit.  It killed me to say that because I knew Scott needed a cheering crowd and I had been looking forward to watching the race with Gabe.  I love seeing the determination on the faces of all the runners from the start to end.  This is an event that we want Gabe to look forward to every year.  And not going to watch for the first time was rough.

But Scott texted me when he was about to start the race and we could cheer him on from home.  While Gabe slept I was able to watch the news and get updates of when the first runners were finishing.  I kept hoping I’d see Scott.  That didn’t happen.  Around 9:30 I got a text saying he finished the race and ran at a crazy, 9 minute 33 second mile pace.

Gabe and I were very proud of him!  We knew he didn’t train like he wanted to and to finish the race without injury.  We were very proud of his 2:12:51 finish time!  Just 2 minutes off of a PR.  We were home waiting to congratulate him!



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