Opening Day

Going to Opening Day for the Cardinals has been a bucket list item for me for some time.  I’ve seen on TV the awesome display of St. Louis Cardinal history and wanted to be a part of it.  My mom’s friend, Sally, gets tickets and goes every year.  This year she bought tickets before her friends and then had 3 tickets to sell.  She asked my mom if Scott and I would like to buy them and we jumped at the chance.

opening day

Opening Day in St. Louis is an unofficial holiday.  People get off work or play hookie from school just to go and tailgate.  There is just so much going on in downtown on that day it’s hard not to be excited (even if you aren’t a baseball fan).  We decided to invite Scott’s Dad to join us for the day, while Nana babysat Gabe.  I would have loved to have taken him, but he is still too small and we would not have been able to stay long.

We got to the stadium about 30 minutes before all the ceremonies started.  We quickly found our seats and Scott ran to get us some much-needed food.  Once he was back the Clydesdale Horse started their strut around the stadium.  That was one of the best moments of the day.


All the players were introduced with a chauffeured ride around the stadium in the back of a pick up truck.  Hopefully, they will get another ride like that in October.  Once they were all dropped off there was an amazing tribute to the late Stan Musial.  The video and banner on the outfield wall was extremely touching.  All 4 of the Musial children were present and helped unveil the banner.


opening day 2

I wish I could upload my video of the tribute to Stan, it brought a tear to my eye watching.  The game was great until the 9th inning.  We decided to leave after 8 innings.  By the time we got to the bus to take us to the car, the bullpen was blowing the game.  The day could not have been any better and I can’t wait to take Gabe to an Opening Day soon.


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