It’s that time of year again.  It’s time for the crazy April showers in the Midwest.  We had our first major rainfall of the Spring and it was a dosie.  Gabriel was being extremely fussy starting at 4:30PM and it was not normal for him to be acting like this.  We had done everything, diaper, food, swing, playing, rocking, static noise, dancing and shh-ing, swaying, and swaddling.  Nothing was really working to get him calm.  All during this the clouds were building.

Then right after Scott got home from a quick diaper run and swaddling Gabe, the storm started.  All of a sudden we heard the tornado sirens start and we quickly ran to the basement.  It’s amazing what a baby will do, last time there was a storm like this we were watching out the window as a tornado was blocks away.  Once we got to the basement, Gabriel calmed down and eventually went to sleep.  I guess we have our own little barometer.

We did have a tornado touch down about 5 miles from our house.  Not as close as the last tornado, but still amazed as to what nature can do.  We had some down branches in our yard that Scott has picked up.  Should be an interesting spring.


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