Two Months

Someone just keeps on getting bigger by the day.  We knew Gabe was going to be over 10lbs when we took him in for his 2 month check up, but we didn’t realize he would be 13lbs!  He has been a very happy and healthy baby.  We didn’t have too many questions for the doctor except for his random wake ups grunting and straining to go to the bathroom.  He wasn’t constipated since he went to the bathroom during the day, he just couldn’t work out the middle of the night issues.  So the doctor recommended we continue to rub his belly and try bicycle kicks with his legs to get things moving.  If all else fails we do baby Gas-X.  He got his second round of shots.  Like a champ, he didn’t cry for the first one, the second one however, that brought on some screams.  Amazingly enough he only screamed for about a minute and we were able to calm him down fairly quickly.

His 2 month stats are:

13lbs – 65%

39 1/2 cm head – 59%

23 1/2 inches long – 70%

A very happy and healthy little boy!chair




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