Grammy’s Visit

My mom came up for Gabriel’s baptism and decided to stay for a week and half.  It’s was a good visit.  My mom was able to fill in and babysit Gabe a couple of days that conflicted with Scott’s mom’s sewing retreat.  The timing could have been more perfect for that to fall into place.  Gabe and Grammy did a lot in her visit including trips to malls, sewing shops, Volpi’s, indoor soccer, meeting the Green’s, walks in the stroller, trying to sit up, bath time, snuggle time, nap time, taking and picking up mom from work.  It was a very busy visit.  I’ll let the pictures show the fun.

gabe bap with mom



Fur Grandbaby

Fur Grandbaby

crab bum

sit ups

tummy time

Rocking the baseball hat

Rocking the baseball hat

Gabriel can’t wait to see Grammy in a month in Omaha for his first wedding.




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