Gabriel’s First Cardinals Game

We took Gabriel to his first Cardinals game.  We have been counting down since last summer when I found out I was pregnant.  Taking him to the right game was a big deal.  About a month ago we were offered to buy tickets half off and help Collinsville baseball.  I figured I didn’t want to pay full price when I knew I would not stay for the whole game.

We arrived at Busch Stadium just a little before the start of the game.  We headed to the outfield to watch the players warm up and get a couple of pictures.  photo1


You can tell Gabe is completely thrilled with being out in the sun and having all these people around him.  He was actually pretty content in his Baby Bjorn.  We then walked all the way up to our seats.  They were higher than I had thought, the good part of our seats was that we had the last row.  The bad part about our seats were that it was very windy and cold in our seats.  Even with the sun out, it was still just too cold for Gabe up there.  We managed to get a few pictures in before heading back down.


The view from our seats

The view from our seats

And of course what trip to Busch would not be complete without a visit to the Stan Musial statue.



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