Omaha Fun

Gabriel’s first trip to Omaha was a bit of a whirlwind, but all fun.  He met a lot of Aunts and Uncles and cousins.

Once we arrived at my aunt’s house we had some play time before we headed out to the rehearsal dinner.  Gabe played with Grammy and Aunt Pam while dad went for a run.  Then it was time to get dressed up and show off his outfit that Aunt Pam bought him.

5You can tell that Gabriel is crazy, excited about posing for this picture.  Hopefully that’s not a sign of things to come.

We went to the rehearsal dinner in Elkhorn.  It was a quaint, little restaurant that had some amazing food.  Gabe met more cousins(that he will be running around with in no time) and more aunts and uncles.  He managed to be really good until my uncle started giving the blessing.  Then Gabe had had enough and I quickly ducked out and found the a/c.  Scott was not too happy that I left him.  We managed to get Gabriel to sleep while we quickly ate.  Then we head home for a great, freezing night’s sleep.

On the wedding day, we planned on taking Gabriel to the Omaha Zoo.  They have an amazing zoo in Omaha and I wanted to share it with Scott and Gabe.  By the time we got there, parking was limited and somehow I found a great spot and could see the car from the zoo entrance!  Go me!

He likes to dress up for the zoo

He likes to dress up for the zoo

We checked out the bears, monkeys and aquarium before it was time to go.  It was starting to get a little toasty and Gabe was ready for a nap.

Entertainment while waiting for an elevator

Entertainment while waiting for an elevator

We did manage to get a couple decent family pictures while were at the zoo.  We were in the Jungle and with all the monkeys swinging around it was hard to pick just one spot.  Although, it was kinda warm in there, and I think Gabriel started getting tired.


Looking at the monkeys

Looking at the monkeys


11We even made it to the aquarium for a very quick walk through.  It was very cool to see the sharks swimming around.  St. Louis zoo needs to get one of these.

Checking out the Penguins

Checking out the Penguins

After the zoo we stopped for lunch at Goldbergs for day 2 of great burgers.  Gabe slept through almost the entire lunch.  We managed to back to my aunt’s house in time to clean up and head to the wedding.

One of my youngest cousins, Nick was getting married.  The ceremony was held outside at a park.  It was a very pretty ceremony and it was a little warm out.  Gabe was awake for the whole thing.  We did a couple diaper changes during the ceremony and I don’t think Scott or I minded hanging out in the back with the kids.

13After the ceremony we headed down to the Old Market (downtown Omaha) for the reception.  Gabriel was still a hit with his aunts.  And he was all smiles until he couldn’t stay awake any more.  He and I hung out by the entrance during the father of the bride speech and blessing(there were a lot of blessings).  He finally went to sleep and I was able to eat and visit with my cousins.  By 8:30 we finally got our food and cake and decided it was time to head back to my aunts to get some sleep.

Weddings are fun

Weddings are fun

On the way home Gabe work up for a bit and we managed to get one picture of him in his awesome tie/bib that Nana made for him.


On Memorial Day we woke up to storms!  It ruined our plans of stopping in Kansas City to catch some of the Cardinals/Royals game.  Instead we headed home.  We were making great time until Columbia and then everyone decided it was time to leave the lake and head home to.  It made for a fussy baby for the last hour of the drive.  But for 6 hours we had this:



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