Farm Fun

We headed to our friends’ farm for the afternoon this past weekend. We were told the babies had been born and ready for play.

When we arrived Thomas was very excited to see the dogs! He was over the moon happy to see dogs bigger than him and wanting to be petted.

Once everyone was ready we headed up to the animals. We saw baby goats and lambs.

The boys took a turn sitting on the donkey and looking for the peacock.

The big boys went into to the chicken coup and each brought out 6 eggs. And then checked out the bunnies. There was lots of playing outside and watching animals.

We love spending an afternoon on the farm.


Mr. T is 15 months

Thomas had his 15 month check up last week. The kid is right on track development wise.  Thomas is very active, always trying to catch up to his brothers.  He pretty much runs after them all the time.  He loves walking everywhere and playing every game his brothers play.  He is the most easy going of all 3.  He just smiles at everyone he sees.  We can’t go to the grocery store without the old ladies chatting as he preforms.

We had our first real illness this January. He had an ear infection, the first boy to have one of these, and he had a virus.  The virus was about 4.5 days of fever and snuggles and waking up for a few hours in the middle of the night.

His 15 month stats are:

23.4lb – 53%

31inches – 53%

He’s an above average kid with a huge smile, except when he is teething.

Happy 15 months Mr. T, Thomas Q, Fella, T Rox!




Valentine’s Day 2018

We had the most low key Valentine’s Day and that was just perfect for us.  Bennett was sick this year and did not make it to school for his first Valentine’s Day party.  I kinda think he was ok with that.  Instead he had his Daddy all to himself all day long.

I took Gabriel to school for the party and Thomas went to MOPs with me.  Afterwards the book end boys and I went to the zoo for the afternoon.  The weather was too good to pass up.  We made sure we took lots of pictures of bears for Bennett.  We didn’t want him to miss out on any of it.

Even though Bennett wasn’t feeling great, we all managed to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day/Ash Wednesday.

Gabriel’s 5th Birthday

It’s official Gabriel is 5!!! I can’t believe it.

We got him his first big boy bicycle. He will be flying through the neighborhood very soon.I mean, wasn’t he just a baby?

We celebrated his birthday with his friends at BounceU. He loved every second of his party. It was his first friend birthday party and this kid deserved it.  Just look at all the friends there to celebrate with him.Bennett and Thomas had a blast celebrating with everyone.

They had Gabriel wait outside the party room and played music for him to make his grand entrance.  For a kid who loves being around people, he was super nervous about walking alone to everyone shouting his name.He was King of the birthday party! This is all he talked about before the actual party.

Happy 5th Brithday Gabriel!  You are the leader of our pack!

5 things about Gabriel:

  1.  He is very social, he loves playing with his friends or making new ones
  2. He is very smart.  He wants to know everything about everything. He will rock Kindergarten next year
  3. He loves to play with his brothers.  He is very patient while playing with Thomas
  4. He wants to try everything.  Whether it is school related or sports he wants to be in the center of it.
  5. He is a helper.  He wants to help his dad build things and he wants to help me cook.  Whatever we are doing he wants to be involved and learn.

January 2018

January is a long month and blogging separate posts just isn’t going to happen this year.  Here is a recap of January through pictures.

This guy had his first ear infection.  You can’t tell from the picture, but he wasn’t feeling his best.

Gabriel started to learn how to build a fire.

I took Bennett and Thomas to the zoo one morning. The weather was just too nice to stay home inside.  We ended up making friends with the sea lions.

We watched a lot of football and soccer.  The boys love their Chelsea shirts.

Since the boys have been playing in the basement a lot more.  We created a Dutch Door.  We fancied it up with a splash of color.

The littlest Dude went in for food testing.  He had a very slight peanut allergy and after the food test he is good to go.  He now gets a spoonful of peanut butter a day.  He still has a very high egg allergy and we have to avoid those.  

Another warmish day in January, Gabriel and I went to explore the river front.  We are about a 50 yards out in the Missouri River.  We spent about 90 minutes throwing rocks at the ice.  

I surprised the boys with an afternoon at the zoo.  We spent a long time watching the Polar Bear.  We stumbled upon a Home Depot event and the boys built some toolboxes.And the best part of the month was that Zio Andrew came to visit for a night.

Christmas Eve and Day

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. On Christmas Eve, Scott worked a half day, while I hung out at the house enjoying the quiet. We did make it over to the Birch house around 3 to exchange presents with the kids. Always a fun time to watch them open the gifts.

Scott and I walked up the alley, like I did many years growing up, to St. Gabriel’s for 4 o’clock mass on Christmas Eve. We arrived later than I wanted to, but we still managed to get seats. They weren’t decent, but they worked. While it wasn’t the kids mass there was a brief reading of the nativity where children came up on the altar dressed up. I was surprised that it went as quickly as it did. It was fun to see people who I grew up with at mass and still singing in the choir. I can’t wait for this tradition to continue.

After mass we headed home for some dinner and Christmas movies. We watch Miracle on 34th Street and A Christmas Carol. For some reason, growing up my brother and I would watch A Christmas Carol (George C. Scott version) all the time. It didn’t have to even be close to Christmas and we would watch it. Now that I’ve re-watched it as an adult, I don’t know why I really liked that movie. It’s really dark.

Christmas Day, Scott and I took our time opening presents. We had a lot of presents from the baby to us. It was nice to have a few more necessities bought in case the baby comes early (which I don’t think will happen).

We had our traditional eggs benedict for breakfast and it turned out rather good. Then we had a few hours to just relax and enjoy our last quiet Christmas morning for years to come.

Early afternoon we headed down to Scott’s parents house for late lunch, presents and a few round of Dirty Neighbor. We got even more gifts for the baby and even Reily got some goodies, a new bed and rope. The poor pup was so exhausted by mid afternoon she couldn’t even keep her head up. The new bed came in handy for her.

Overall, it was a great Christmas, although I’m even more excited for the Christmas’s to come.

George Washington

During my Christmas vacation we headed over to the Missouri History Museum to check out the Discover the Real George Washington: New Views from Mount Vernon, exhibit that they currently have.  It was a great exhibit.  There a more information about his life prior to becoming President and during his youth.  There isn’t much information or pictures of him as a young man and we were able to see how they created likenesses of him.

There was information about his childhood and how Mount Vernon became his home and the pride he took in owning the land.  There was background information on how he made his way into the army and became a great leader.

We even got to see his fake teeth.  It was a little creepy to see dentures that were a couple hundred years old.