January 2018

January is a long month and blogging separate posts just isn’t going to happen this year.  Here is a recap of January through pictures.

This guy had his first ear infection.  You can’t tell from the picture, but he wasn’t feeling his best.

Gabriel started to learn how to build a fire.

I took Bennett and Thomas to the zoo one morning. The weather was just too nice to stay home inside.  We ended up making friends with the sea lions.

We watched a lot of football and soccer.  The boys love their Chelsea shirts.

Since the boys have been playing in the basement a lot more.  We created a Dutch Door.  We fancied it up with a splash of color.

The littlest Dude went in for food testing.  He had a very slight peanut allergy and after the food test he is good to go.  He now gets a spoonful of peanut butter a day.  He still has a very high egg allergy and we have to avoid those.  

Another warmish day in January, Gabriel and I went to explore the river front.  We are about a 50 yards out in the Missouri River.  We spent about 90 minutes throwing rocks at the ice.  

I surprised the boys with an afternoon at the zoo.  We spent a long time watching the Polar Bear.  We stumbled upon a Home Depot event and the boys built some toolboxes.And the best part of the month was that Zio Andrew came to visit for a night.


“Me” Day

I didn’t realize that I needed one of these.  I knew I was a little tired and really enjoyed the weekends, but I was given a “Me Day” this past Saturday.  My husband took my son and dog and left me home alone to do whatever I pleased.  It was nice.  I went back to sleep after they left, slept till 11:20.  I tried to run to the bank and open a savings account, but was too late.  Then I did some laundry without having to worry about Gabriel.  The best part was that I was able to get my first manicure/pedicure since before Gabriel was born.

After my relaxing day of only doing laundry and getting mani/pedi, Scott and I went out on a much-needed date night.  Gabriel and Reily were with Nana and Grandpa Ron for evening.  Scott surprised me, kinda, with dinner at Ruth Chris’s Steakhouse.  It was wonderful.  Our table was in the wine room and there were only 3 tables in the room.  It was nice to have a quiet area to have a peaceful dinner.  Well, it would have been much more quiet had the couple behind us not talked to everyone that walked into the room for minutes on end and be as loud as possible.

Once they left, it was very peaceful and quiet.  I had my first glass of wine in a year, it was fabulous and an amazing filet.  Ruth Chris does know how to make a wonderful evening.  I can’t wait till our next date night!

First Date

My amazing husband had a great idea this weekend.  We needed a date night.  And not just any kind of date night, we needed to go back to where we had our first date.  Way back in December 1998, I came up to St. Louis to visit my friends and spend New Years Eve with them.  When I arrived at the airport Scott, Jenner, Brooke were all waiting for me.   We went out to dinner and then I went to Brooke’s house.   I didn’t know it at the time but Scott had like me since we met Junior year of high school.

We spend separate New Years and then my flight was cancelled.  I couldn’t get a flight out of St. Louis for 2 extra days due to snow.  It was just what I wanted, I was no way ready to go back to San Antonio.  So I called Scott and we went on a big group date to Rich and Charlie’s (aka Dick & Chuck’s).  Who would have know that two 18 year olds would end up dating 2 times long distance and then get married on the third dating try 15 years later?

This was our first night out without Gabe.  It was very much-needed.  We dropped Gabe and Reily off at Scott’s parents house and headed to Rich and Charlie’s for dinner at 4:30 – nice early bird dinner.  I’m pretty sure we both ordered the exact same dinners ( we tend to get the same things at Italian food restaurants, me more so).  We chatted about where we sat the last time we were there and who was with us.  What is great is that I have a picture of us from that night.  It’s fun to see how much we have grown up.

First Date
First Date

And here is us after dinner on our way to spend a little more adult time before picking up Gabe.

photo (13)

Thank you Scott for knowing that I needed a night out!  Kinkos!


I can finally say that I’ve seen the famous Rockette’s!  The Radio City Christmas Spectacular Starring the Rockettes was in town and I really wanted to check it out.  It went against Scott’s no Christmas until after Thanksgiving rule.  But I think it was well worth it.

The show was at the Peabody Opera House.  It was our first time there for a show and it will not be our last.  The opera house was recently reopened and it was beautiful inside.  I still prefer the Fox but this was nice change.  Our seats weren’t too bad considering I bought them from Groupon.

View from our seats

We arrived early found out seats and really enjoyed checking out the view from our seats.  I didn’t think they were too bad.  The place was packed and we were not let down.  It was a great show and I’m happy I finally got to see the World Famous Rockettes!

Missouri’s Best

Last year we attended the Missouri’s Best Festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens and had a great time sampling all the food and seeing all the craft vendors.  This year just Scott and I went and enjoyed all the samples one can get.  It was a little colder this year.  Although being in the big tents really helped keep me warmer than I had expected.

We got there around noon and I didn’t think the crowds were as bad as they were last year.  Or I was hanging around the wine tasting booths like last year.  It was obvious to see which places were giving out samples and they had very long lines.  Some where worth the wait, others like the sweet/spicy mustard was not.

We walked through all 4 huge tents and found a few new goodies that we had to go back for, after a stop of water.  I do love going and support MoBot and the events that they have.  Not to mention the 15 minutes of driving around the blocks trying to find parking spaces.

Here are our goodies, we’ve already made one of the soups in a bag from Thompson’s Farms.  And yes, we did buy goose poop!


Another birthday has come and gone.  This year my actual birthday was little more low-key compared to last year.  Last year, we climbed a Mexican ruin and repelled into a sinkhole.  This year I decided dinner and a movie would be nice.  I, also, wanted to keep it small since we are leaving for NYC and Boston on Friday as a birthday/anniversary trip for the two of us.

We had a quick dinner at BlackFinn at the Galleria and then headed to the Chase Park Plaza to watch the new Batman movie.  The movie was great!  Lots of surprises that I wasn’t expecting.

Overall it was a great birthday and now I’m counting down till our trip.


I’ve been wanting to see the play Chicago for some time.  Probably after the movie came out, I decided that was another play I should see.  Even though I never saw the movie, probably to my benefit, the play was finally being shown in St. Louis at the Muny.

I love going to the Muny, the whole experience of seeing live plays, outside, on a stage that is the largest outside stadium.  Due to the insane heat wave we have been dealing with we decided not to arrive early and walk around Forest Park.  Instead we got there about 15 minutes before the play started, walked to the Muny and found our seats.  The seats I paid for were in the center and I could see over the people in front of me and it was painfully hot.  We waiting a bit and scoped out some seats on the side sections that were almost completely open.

The play was great.  I was excited to finally get to see Chicago and the play looked much better than the movie.  Once intermission came a long I was over heated and falling asleep.  We decided it was best if we left them and catch the play at the Fox or when it wasn’t 100 at 9PM.